Terry is a Montrealer and, like so many, of Irish descent. He was born on April 28, 1935 and is completely self-taught. He characterizes himself as a 'painter of events'.

You could count on the fingers of one hand the number of contemporary Canadian painters whose shows have enjoyed national TV coverage. Terry is one of those few.

At one of his shows in Montreal cameras caught people lining up outside the downtown gallery three days before the official opening. Students and teachers,businessmen and housewives-the word had spread and people responded. Some came as far away as Vancouver. Many came prepared with sleeping bags and sandwiches. Not a few arrarged for friends to hold their place in line. The show was completely sold out within minutes.

The three hundred year old farmhouse,the eight year old playing hockey in 'The Point', the riverworn decoy and the fresh wildflowers are all the ingredients of a Terry Tomalty painting. Terry catches his world in broad,bold strokes. His works are eagerly sought in Canada, the United States, and abroad. The extent of his appeal is reflected by his representation in hundreds of private and corporate collections globally.

Terry has painted for many of the NHL's hockey teams and was invited by the Montreal Canadiens to document their participation in the Heritage Classic Game in Edmonton. Terry was one of only a few artists who painted the Quebec Referendum rally in 1985 and was featured on the CBC across Canada. Through the years, Terry's work has been featured in numerous one man exhibitions at Montreal's Kastel and Continental Galleries.